Write once, use everywhere —Templatize your everyday docs.

Write once, use everywhere —Templatize your everyday docs.

One small step for Allo, one giant step for collaboration

In  the following months after releasing our templates, custom templates, and page layout features, we spoke with our userbase and discovered that we were one small step to having an  unparalleled canvas creating experience. This step was page-specific frameworks. For a variety of reasons which you may know firsthand, we prioritized this feature and it is now live in-app. This means you can, add that 5 why's exercise you've already made into any canvas, or leverage multiple page-specific templates like a buyer persona or UI design in your quarterly all-hands. The possibilities are endless and that is the point. We believe your communication and storytelling shouldn't be held back by your tools and now it is even easier to create, share, and inspire with Allo.

New to visual documents? Let's see how to get started.

As with any new endeavor, we know going from strictly text-based communication to visual documents can present challenges and inspire new ways of approaching old problems.  We do our best to make the learning curve almost imperceptible to new users coming into Allo, and we know by interviewing hundreds of our clients the most frequently asked questions when coming fresh into the platform. That is where our inspiration came from when creating our instructional videos and giving them a home right where a new user may need them.

The Allo manual — Get acquainted with Visual documents.

Designed by our Head of Customer Experience, we have taken our tutorials one step further and elaborated on all of the significant features and functions of Allo. Now the vast majority of any questions users are relaying to us have been answered and documented in a digestible, and sharable format.  Now featured in our "Work smarter", recommended by Allo section are various topics, with elaborated explanations and helpful images and Gifs,  Check them out in-app and at our blog.


  • Deactivating workspace member option in Admin console has been removed to clarify # of user seats for billing

Bug Fixes:

  • Canceled workspaces or those with failed payment are once again able to add and remove user seats
  • Comment & view only guests were presented with a non functioning add page button in the slide panel

Reach out to us through our support page for any suggestions or through the feedback button in-app. Let's make a dent in the universe together.

—The Allo Team