We want to make remote work fun.

We want to make remote work fun.

Reactions 🔥🤯 + Emojis🥰!

Working remotely has its benefits. Saving on commutes, the positive environmental impact, and countless other small wins like getting focus time are undoubtedly positive. However working remotely presents challenges like team keeping your team engaged, productive, and connected. We at Allo have been trying to make communication while apart easy and sometimes even fun😎, by providing our intuitive visual canvases and collaboration enhancing tools. Remember, we ourselves are a remote team using Allo every day and we noticed a little something was missing. That little something an extra bit of fun in the form of emojis and reactions, for little acknowledgments of "I hear you" or "Thanks", that oftentimes as simple as 👍 or 🙏; which seemingly are trivial, but while working while apart, getting a response like 🔥 to your work is just the right communication to keep ourselves connected while distance keeps us apart. Please enjoy native emojis in our text boxes and reactions to comments starting today.

A centralized location for resources

We know that for many of our users using a remote work software like Allo is a new experience, and often there are many questions that come up while exploring our unique visual documents. Because of this, over time have introduced the Allo helpers and written helpful articles like how to create visual documents All in an effort to making our platform easy to understand and more useful to you, our users.  The same can be said for our improved help button. Now helpful resources are seconds away anytime in-app. We invite you to give it a try, and you can even tell us you like it (or don't 😉), using the submit feedback option. Your opinion on the platform matters and we are greatly inspired by your thoughtful feedback, empowering you to collaborate is why we made these resources and we are overjoyed to help you share, create and inspire with Allo.

We are eager to hear your thoughts and oftentimes are inspired by our users, please send us your feedback anytime.


—The Allo Team