๐Ÿ”” Understanding the canvas notification system in Allo

๐Ÿ”” Understanding the canvas notification system in Allo

Currently, different canvas notifications are being sent out in Allo based on whether you are a subscriber of the canvas or not. In this manual, we will walk you through what kind of canvas notifications you will get when you are not a canvas subscriber, when you are a canvas subscriber, and how you can manually subscribe (or unsubscribe) to a canvas when needed.

By default, Allo sends out notifications when:

  • Someone invites you into a project or a canvas
  • Someone assigns or mentions you in a canvas
  • Someone leaves a comment on an element you created
  • Someone replies to a comment you're part of

However, if you are a subscriber of a particular canvas, you will get additional notifications whenever:

  • Canvas reminders are sent out
  • Someone adds a chat or comment in the canvas
  • Someone starts a video chat in the canvas
  • The name of the canvas is changed
  • The date and time of the canvas is changed
  • The canvas is moved to another project
  • The canvas permission is changed from public to private or vise versa
  • The canvas is deleted

You will be automatically subscribed to the canvas if you meet one of the criteria below:

  • You created the canvas
  • You edited the canvas more than one time
  • You are invited to the canvas through email
  • You are an assignee or a collaborator of the canvas
  • You are mentioned in the canvas

If you do not meet any of the criteria above, you can also manually subscribe to a canvas by clicking the bell icon and selecting "Get notifications" in the right sidebar under canvas details when being inside the canvas.

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