Turn back time in Allo⏳

Turn back time in Allo⏳

Canvas version history is finally here🙈

We've all been there, a page you deleted yesterday or copy that was just right: It could have been anything, in the past users were faced with two options, recreate the lost work, or send in a message to the Allo team to manually restore the content. The Allo team has been listening to our users when moments like this happen and today we are proud to present Canvas version history to make working in the common ground even easier. Starting today on our paid plans, users can save canvases at their current state and restore them whenever needed.

Maintaining a remote work culture

New on our blog are a few insights on maintaining culture while working away from the office. Made in collaboration with our new friends at Safetywing the article speaks to working culture, staying connected, and what to look for when hiring remote. Collaborating with Safetywing was a natural fit as both of our companies enable remote workers while working remotely ourselves.

Behind a winning combination, why Version history and Protected lock?

ALLO makes it easy to collaborate and create documents with anyone—colleagues, friends, or customers. Released only a week ago, Protected lock has been one of the features designed to prevent mistakes when you hand over the reins to your collaborators, because asynchronous collaboration thrives off the input from your team. Similarly, canvas version history makes happy accidents just that, reversible and easy to change. These types of features are exactly what remote teams' need to stay effective as ideas change and grow into maturity.  Both features and those to come have been a result of the conversations we had with our users, and we are grateful to help you, create, share and inspire, from anywhere.

Improvements & Bug Fixes🐛🦋

  • Protected Lock was locking too well, it was not possible to unlock some objects. Object locking and unlocking restored.
  • On very large canvases, Ctrl + Scroll zooming and trackpad pinching now has improved sensitivity to make handling large canvases easier.
  • Current customers had increased functionality inside of  Free workspaces. Free workspace limits restored.

We are eager to hear your thoughts and oftentimes are inspired by our users, please send us your feedback anytime.


—The Allo Team