Time-saving previews⌚ & What's new

Time-saving previews⌚ & What's new

Seeing is believing. Preview your templates before committing💍.

If the ability to create new page frameworks didn't excite you. Our new template preview ability will. This simple addition to our user interface will now allow you to look over a template before committing it to a canvas. Special thanks to our users who pointed this out to us, and to our designers and developers for making it happen. Now anyone can quickly look over any template to make sure its just right before creating a canvas, saving you time and extra clicks.

Improvements & Bug Fixes🐛🦋

  • Invitation emails (canvas, projects, workspaces) were sent without a link. Now directly invite collaborators with ease.
  • Hover effects have been added to sub-canvases, clearly denoting they are an interactive whole new world.
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking on a locked object would create an empty text box, now double-click to edit has been restored.
  • Fixed sticker tool image rendering issue. Continue visually expressing yourself as intended.

Reach out to us through our support page for any suggestions or through the feedback button in-app. Let's make a dent in the universe together.

—The Allo Team