🔍 Search and filter canvases in a project

🔍 Search and filter canvases in a project

When the number of canvases gets big in a project, sometimes it can be overwhelming to look at everything at once. You can now search and filter out the canvases that are relevant at the time inside a project. See below to learn how to use these features in Allo.

Search relevant canvases

  • Canvases with names that include the words you put into the search bar will be filtered as you type.
  • Click the cross icon to clear up the search bar.

Filter relevant canvases

Currently, you can filter the canvases by assignees, due dates, or tags. Multiple filters can be applied at once.

  • To add a filter, click the "Filter" button and select the filter you'd like to apply.
  • By default, there are three quick filters you can select from: "Assigned to me", "Due this week", and "Due next week". Or you can create your own filter by clicking the "Custom filter" button.
  • If you have more than one filters, only the canvases that match all the filter conditions you set will be displayed.