Say Hello to Activity, Google Calendar, and Third-Party App Integrations in Allo

Say Hello to Activity, Google Calendar, and Third-Party App Integrations in Allo

Let’s face it: meetings are a waste of time. However, it’s crucial that managers and employees stay on the same page when it comes to understanding key business goals and expectations.

If you aren’t reaching out for feedback, setting up a 1:1 with your team, or messaging back and forth about the status of a project, you’re stuck in the dark. This is a major challenge for managers and employees alike, and these information silos are destructive when it comes to innovation and growth.

Allo gives leaders and teams a transparent, high-level overview of their work and progress, and today we are excited to introduce some major updates and new third-party app integrations in Allo!

Meet Allo’s New Activity Feature + Third-Party App Integrations

As ideal as an all-in-one platform may sound, the average team switches between 10 or more tools at a time. Understanding the high-level progress of your team when their work is scattered across different platforms is time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why we built Activity.

Activity is a new dashboard in Allo built to visualize work from integrated apps and platforms, cutting the time you spend waiting for check-in responses in half and eliminating unproductive meetings from your schedule, so you can spend your time on moving forward.

How does Activity help teams?

  • See all the tools your team is working across, and understand which tools are most valuable and make the most impact
  • Understand in real-time what each team member is working on
  • Track progress on your collaborator’s shared goals
  • Saves managers and teams the time and energy it takes to schedule constant meetings and check-ins or waiting for replies

Visibly see how products are moving along with a live activity feed that provides you with a full view of how your team is contributing to projects across different platforms. record of progress, letting you know exactly where your team stands at all times.

Looking for a specific team or tool? Activity’s detailed filters let you narrow your search by tool, person, and more, so you can find what you need, faster.

What apps can be integrated with Allo?

Current integrations include: Slack, Zoom, Google Drive, Asana, and Github, with more to come soon. You can now also integrate your Google Calendar - more on that below!

What other integrations would you like to see in Allo? We’ve continued to grow Allo based directly on your feedback, and we are always focused on making Allo even more beneficial for you. We’d love to hear from you.

Google Calendar Integration

You can now integrate your Google Calendar with Allo, making meetings more collaborative and accessible than ever. When you connect your Google Calendar with Allo, a new canvas is created in your Allo calendar for you to store any important files or take meeting minutes.

Join meetings on the spot, attach any relevant documents or materials to your canvas, and transform your meeting notes into collaborative whiteboards that any team member (or external clients) can directly work on. Avoid the peskiness of screen sharing, clicking through tabs, and one-sided contributions, and join important events right from Allo.

Get to work faster within Allo by accessing your schedule and navigating right to your ongoing work in one place. Decide which of your Google Calendars to sync with Allo, and see those events in different places in the platform.

  • Company Dashboard: See all company-wide events, plus upcoming project or canvas due dates and times. Now you can see any additional meetings scheduled outside of Allo as well.
  • My Dashboard: View your personal events and projects and prepare for your weekCalendar: Now, every event synced from your Google Calendar in Allo automatically generates a canvas. Store all your important meeting notes and documents directly in the event calendar.

Additional Updates & Improvements


We’ve modified People profiles so that the latest active projects are properly displayed in the Recent Activity section on each team member’s page. Now you’ll always be able to see where your team is actively working, and know when to step in to support or redistribute work as needed.

Project & Canvas

Now in Kanban view, you’ll be able to see how many canvases belong to each column right next to the column’s name. We’ve also fixed a minor bug to properly display tag lists when creating or editing information about a Canvas.

Want to create a new Project or Canvas? When clicking the ‘Create’ button at the top right of your screen, you’ll notice that the Project location where your new Canvas is stored is automatically set for you. If you want to select a different Project to store your Canvas, simply click to select another Project, and you’re good to go.


We fixed a minor bug in OKR to make sure the information from the description of Key Results is properly displayed.

Allo’s Exclusive Early Access Program

If you want to spend less time in meetings and check-in calls and have a clear understanding of how your team is making progress at a glance, now’s a great time to join Allo’s exclusive Early Access Program.

Here’s a quick video to learn more:

As an Early Access member, you receive exclusive benefits like:

  • A free 45-minute strategy session with one of our product experts to help you set up, manage, and align your team using Allo
  • A dedicated customer success specialist available for 1:1 support
  • Playbooks and recommendations customized to your team
  • Unlimited access to all of Allo’s features through an extended free trial

What other features or capabilities would you love to see from Allo? Your feedback helps us take action and bring your team the best experience possible. Click the button below to share your thoughts with us!