⏱️ Save Time with Voice Memos

⏱️ Save Time with Voice Memos


Our users agree that by using Allo’s Canvas their projects have become more engaging - Allo is more than just a document or whiteboard, it is about creating community and sharing ideas throughout your project so that your projects become more efficient and more enjoyable.

We’ve made it easier for you to onboard new team members, teach students or collaborate with your clients and teams. Canvas engages project participants with more than just documents and materials, but through class/client engagement!

There is a new feature we are excited to introduce to you that will help you create a more pleasant and engaging experience for yourself, your team and your class/clients.  

Introducing Voice Memos!

Add Voice Memos to Your Canvas to Make Your Projects More Engaging & Personal 🎙

Do you ever wish you could leave a quick note for a team member on a project? At Allo, we get it. Sometimes the meaning of messages get lost in text and sometimes simply being able to add a voice note can help you get more done by adding context to visuals within the canvas. That’s where Voice Memo comes in, simply click on Voice Memo and leave a voice message anywhere you’d like within the canvas! Click here to learn more about Voice Memo.

Improvements & Bug Fixes ✨

  • Improved the speed when switching between canvases.
  • The Drag & Drop indicator will now disappear instead of staying on the canvas.
  • Fixed renewing the shareable link of a canvas
  • Old canvases that were not displayed are now showing.
  • Protecting canvas and backup and restore functionalities weren’t working for a while, now they’re fixed.
  • The size of Text, Stickies, and Shapes will now stay the same when edited.
  • The line style of drawings couldn’t be reset, now it can be.
Check out recent updates if you miss anything, or our handy manuals for more of detailed guides.

We can’t wait to hear, or see, all the creative ways you design your canvases, collaborate, and help everyone become engaged!

If you have ideas of your own about functions that could improve your time with Allo’s pages, we’d love to hear from you. You continue to inspire us, and help Allo become a more fun workspace! Our Support Page and in-app live chat are always open to any suggestions you have. We work hard to continually improve and make Allo better for our users! And that’s all we want to do.


—The Allo Team