🦾Multiply your efforts: Duplicate your projects, Flow through diagrams🌊, What's New

🦾Multiply your efforts:  Duplicate your projects, Flow through diagrams🌊, What's New

Duplicate entire projects, even workflows

As mentioned in previous releases, assisting our users in creating repeatable workflows has been top of mind this quarter. So far we have released, Page Frameworks and Template Previews in order to leverage your work whenever needed. Now, we have just released Project duplication to make repeatable workflows even easier to obtain. This means our agile consultants can make a fresh SOP project and share it with clients, or online teachers can share a fresh course with their students. Now easily share fresh Kanban boards with your newest collaborators.

Enhanced object protection

A common feature request from facilitators has been the ability to allow participants to collaborate on a canvas without giving them full access to change any critical materials. With this in mind we have developed our new protected lock, allowing canvas owners to lock down specific objects to "only I can change". This means, prompts or activities can stay put, just as intended.

Our new friends are eager to help

Our special Allo friends are now standing by in-app to offer new users a tour and helpful hints when first coming into Allo. Their training doesn't stop there as they are well versed in common questions, use cases, and even where to get a hold of the Allo team. Say hello to Allobear, Allogon, Chimpallo, Poodallo, and Hippallo.

Flow through diagrams with ease🌊

Just one month after our revamp of the shapes selector, we put the team to work trying to figure our how to make diagramming even quicker. This led us to our newest functionality, shape selection as you go, in-context, now at any endpoint users will have the option to duplicate their previous shape or quickly create a new shape. This makes creating diagrams and flowcharts even faster. Chimpallo is even attempting a world record🙈.

Reach out to us through our support page for any suggestions or through the feedback button in-app. Let's make a dent in the universe together.

—The Allo Team