More than sharing; Embedding canvas anywhere! 🎉

More than sharing; Embedding canvas anywhere! 🎉


We know Allo canvas is more than a whiteboard, so we are continuing to make it easier to share with others.  You can use our canvas as a place to add meeting notes, share a workshop or remote class, or create a document for your new projects.  

Website updates are constantly rolling out, and this week we have an exciting feature to add for you: embedding.  Additionally, you’ll be able to share with collaborators easier and small bugs have been fixed.

It’s Time for the Show - Start to Embed on Your Canvas!💡

Keeping canvas competative with regular document creators lead us to allow you to embed on any canvas while keeping a clean look.  Use this link to watch a tutorial on how to embed on your canvas! 💃

Don’t be intimidated, embedding is still super easy! If you need a refresher in how to embed, click this link for our help center article for more help.

Share, embed, export canvas in one place 🤝

Our mission is to make sharing with others is easy, and we are upgrading to make that happen. We can’t wait to share the new updates coming soon! 😉 For now, we hope you enjoy having all your canvas options in one place!

If you haven’t tried exporting canvas to PDF, you missed quite a lot from us! Learn more

This week’s improvements and bug fixes focus on your ability to collaborate! Check them out:

Improvements & Bug Fixes ✨

  • You can adjust the height of any table’s row!
  • Other collaborators’ cursors are more responsive and readable, even in the dark background.
  • When you draw, other collaborators are now able to see your cursor.
  • Labels will only appear once in the Activity, keeping your screen clean and clear!
  • Canvases will no longer appear multiple times in calendar view.
We care about sharing and collaborating, that’s why we don’t require sign-up to the guest to collaborate with you. Learn more

We love our canvas, and believe you do too, so we will continue to stay hard at work to optimize your use. Updates come weekly, but we love to hear what you would like to see changed!

We hope you enjoy the updates we’ve made to the site! If you have questions, please check the support page or use the feedback button in your app for assistance.


—The Allo Team