Introducing weekly team meetings

Introducing weekly team meetings

Hiring the right people is only one way to build a strong team that efficiently succeeds. Other important factors for building a successful team include setting team visions and goals, establishing clear roles and responsibilities, celebrating successes and failures, and team bonding. Periodically checking in with your team is important to ensure you are meeting your goals and accomplishing the necessary tasks. Weekly team meetings are a good way to do this.

What’s A Weekly Team Meeting?

Weekly team meetings are meetings where teams share their accomplishments, celebrate their wins, discuss failures and create solutions for them, and ask questions as needed. While team meetings discuss the inner-workings of the company, you can also use them for team bonding by doing icebreakers or general introductions.

What Should I Include In A Team Meeting?

Many team meetings open with some sort of an icebreaker. For remote teams, icebreakers such as “Two Truths and a Lie” or “Would You Rather” are great options, while “Zip Zap Zop” can be a fun icebreaker for in person teams.

After finishing the icebreakers, have each team talk about what they accomplished this week. Consider giving each team a set amount of time to discuss their projects so that the meeting ends on time.

End your meeting with a quick retrospective activity by having everyone reflect on what went well and what challenges they experienced. Have each person or team discuss this to address any questions or concerns your team members may have.

How Can I Make Weekly Meetings Effective?

  • Keep it casual: Weekly team meetings are supposed to be casual and fun, so grab a drink and some snacks.
  • Don’t get too detailed: Focus on the big picture when discussing your team’s accomplishments and progress reports. If team members have specific questions, you can address those during the team meeting or schedule a separate meeting to discuss their questions on a specific project.
  • Don’t talk too much: Images and videos can easily liven up a team meeting and may be more suitable for discussing your team’s accomplishments.

Instead of solely focusing on your work responsibilities, use your team meetings as a consistent time to bond and connect. Try to keep the weekly meeting on the same day at the same time each week so team members can add it to their regular work routine. These meetings remind your team of your final goal and help you gain ownership and connections towards your team and product. Allo offers a weekly team meeting template to help you start planning your meeting.