How Platinum Edge Uses ALLO to Enhance Global Collaboration

How Platinum Edge Uses ALLO to Enhance Global Collaboration

Platinum Edge’s story

Established in 2001, Platinum Edge was founded by Mark Layton, a globally recognized project management expert.  With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Mr. Layton, also known as Mr. Agile®, identified the importance of integrating management consulting techniques and structured implementations to agile transformations. With a remarkable track record of more than twenty years, Platinum Edge continues to leverage industry-leading experts and proprietary frameworks to drive significant value enhancements for Global 1000 companies.

Platinum Edge is a global organization that delivers multidimensional expertise- including strategic, financial, behavioral, and operational- in a single area, agile organizational design.  As a Registered Education Provider (REP) for Scrum Alliance, and an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for the Project Management Institute (PMI), their training classes provide Professional Development Units (PDUs) for both PMI PMP® and PMI-ACP® certifications. If you're seeking a partner with real world experience that delivers results, look no further than Platinum Edge.

  • Helping executive teams understand the strategic and financial benefits of agile organizational design
  • Transitioning your enterprise from Waterfall to more agile techniques
  • Enabling geographically dispersed multi-national teams to achieve high development velocity

Then Platinum Edge is your professional services partner. Let them help you succeed!


In an increasingly interconnected world, the power of collaboration cannot be understated. For Platinum Edge, a company specializing in certified interactive classes that span the globe, the quest for an intuitive collaboration tool was paramount. With clients from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, the need for a solution that could transcend barriers and streamline organization was clear.

Finding an Intuitive Collaboration Tool to Work with External Clients

Platinum Edge's classes are not just lectures; they are interactive sessions filled with discussions and activities. Each class comes with its own set of templates and unique collaborative needs. Organizing these sessions across different classes and client groups presented a considerable challenge. Among their diverse clientele, Platinum Edge faced a distinct challenge with a group of Japanese clients. The language barrier presented a unique obstacle in achieving the same level of seamless collaboration experienced by English-speaking clients. The company needed a tool that could bridge this gap effortlessly.

Platinum Edge’s Wow Moments Using ALLO

The introduction of ALLO's collaboration platform marked a turning point for Platinum Edge. The ability to invite collaborators into distinct projects and canvases tailored to each class session was transformative. For the Japanese clients, the platform's translation feature allowed them to interact in their preferred language, with the content being automatically translatable into English or Japanese, ensuring clear communication.

Erica, the operations assistant at Platinum Edge, shared her enthusiasm: "ALLO makes it easy to create and manage team collaboration. It's a game-changer for our international clients."

"ALLO makes it easy to create and manage team collaboration. It's a game-changer for our international clients."

— Erica Koon, Operations Assistant at Platinum Edge

How Platinum Edge Uses ALLO

With various Scrum class series on offer, Platinum Edge now creates a dedicated project for each one. This organization enables them to invite specific members to relevant projects, maintaining clarity and focus. Within these projects, the use of Kanban boards and columns helps segregate classes, while different canvases under each column facilitate group discussions and activities. Each group has its canvas, fostering an environment of engaged learning and interaction.

The translation feature comes into its full utility with Japanese-speaking clients. They can contribute in Japanese, and Platinum Edge can instantly translate all the content into English, and vice versa, breaking down language barriers with a single click.

Platinum Edge uses ALLO's project and canvas features for seamless collaboration organization and client engagement (simulated data)

ALLO’s Core Value for Platinum Edge

ALLO’s core value to Platinum Edge lies in its facilitation of effortless management of workshop materials and collaboration with external parties. The instant translation of canvas contents amplifies this value, making it an indispensable tool for a company with a global clientele.


Platinum Edge's adoption of ALLO has been nothing short of transformative. The ease with which they can now manage their interactive classes and collaborate with clients from various backgrounds has significantly improved their operational efficiency. ALLO has not only provided a platform for managing materials and collaboration but also allowed Platinum Edge to uphold its commitment to delivering a premium educational experience to all clients, regardless of language.

More about Platinum Edge

Platinum Edge’s services include:

  • Assess: Analyzing your current processes and create an agile implementation strategy that will deliver results.
  • Recruit: Finding the right talent to allow your organization to start seeing success with your scrum projects.
  • Train: Offering world-class public and private corporate training and certification, whatever your level of agile knowledge.
  • Coach & Mentor: Ensuring training concepts produce organizational improvement with embedded agile mentoring that raises bottom-line results.

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