How FlowAccount Uses ALLO to Elevate Collaboration

How FlowAccount Uses ALLO to Elevate Collaboration

FlowAccount's story

Launched in 2015, FlowAccount paved its way from a modest beginning with a three-person team to becoming Thailand's foremost online accounting solution. Recognizing the complexities that small businesses and startups faced in managing their finances, the founders set out to create a system that could simplify the workflow of accounting and payroll.

Their innovation, a cloud-based software designed for ease and efficiency, became the cornerstone for many Thai SMEs in streamlining their financial operations. Over the years, FlowAccount has evolved and solidified its position in the market, gaining the trust of over 120,000 active users and becoming an indispensable tool for business owners across Thailand.


In the era of widespread remote work, organizations are coming to grips with the limitations of traditional text-based communication. This evolving landscape has propelled visual collaboration to the forefront of project management and ideation. FlowAccount, too, recognized this shift. While designers have traditionally been the primary users of visual tools, FlowAccount identified a significant gap. Their developers and project managers (PMs), many without a design-centric foundation, were seeking a visual collaboration platform that catered to their needs without being overwhelmingly designer-centric.

The Challenge: Beyond the Design Realm

FlowAccount, like many forward-thinking enterprises, recognized the importance of visual collaboration. The firm sought an online space that could facilitate brainstorming, sprint planning, requirement documentation, and retrospectives. However, their initial ventures into the realm of visual tools left much to be desired. Despite their efforts, traditional visual tools didn't quite fit the bill. "We experimented with other visualization platforms. They're fantastic for designers but proved too complex for our developers," said Wicky, FlowAccount's co-founder and CTO.

The team initially turned to Google Slides and Excel as a stopgap for their collaborative activities. While Google Slides and Excel did provide a basic level of functionality, they fell short of facilitating the deep, interactive teamwork necessary for FlowAccount's dynamic environment. The tool's limitations underscored the need for a more specialized solution, paving the way for the eventual integration of ALLO.

FlowAccount’s wow moments using ALLO

The shift to ALLO was marked by several "wow moments" for FlowAccount. ALLO's intuitive UI/UX ensured that even non-designers felt comfortable and confident engaging in visual collaborative activities. ALLO distinguishes itself from the usual online whiteboards with its structured, page-based layout, resembling a familiar presentation tool that is accessible to all users, including those without a design background. This format mitigates the chaos of infinite canvas space, offering a more navigable and user-friendly interface. “Finding an online whiteboard that resonated with our team was a challenge, especially for brainstorming and ideation sessions. Once our developers tried ALLO, it was a unanimous preference. It certainly left an impression on us,” said Wicky.

Moreover, ALLO allows users to effortlessly share, embed, and interact with various files and data types directly within the whiteboard. This functionality streamlines the workflow by eliminating the need for switching between multiple tools, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of collaboration.

"Once our developers tried ALLO, it was a unanimous preference. It certainly left an impression on us."

— Voravit (Wicky) Takkar, Co-founder & CTO at FlowAccount

How FlowAccount uses ALLO

With ALLO, FlowAccount revolutionized its collaboration approach. Teams engaged in real-time interactions, brainstorming innovative ideas, meticulously planning sprints, documenting requirements, and conducting comprehensive retrospectives. ALLO canvases evolved into living documents. As teams collaborated, they simultaneously documented their progress, ensuring a dynamic and current reflection of their projects.

Moreover, the platform's project management features allowed FlowAccount to effectively categorize various documents and collaborative assets, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity.

FlowAccount utilizes ALLO's user-friendly canvases to foster collaborative brainstorming and idea generation among team members (simulated data)

ALLO’s core value for FlowAccount

The introduction of ALLO illuminated a key insight: while words can be powerful sometimes, they often fall short in capturing the entirety of an idea or concept. Visuals, on the other hand, can convey complex ideas succinctly and clearly. However, the real challenge was finding a visual collaboration platform that catered equally to designers and non-designers.

ALLO emerged as the solution to this challenge. It became the bridge that allowed FlowAccount's diverse team to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Ideas, previously lost in texts, were now effectively conveyed and iterated upon, fostering an environment of clarity and innovation.


FlowAccount's journey underscores the significance of having the right tools in place. While the market is flooded with collaboration platforms, finding one that resonates with a diverse team is crucial. ALLO's holistic approach to visual collaboration, coupled with its intuitive design and robust features, positions it as an invaluable asset for cross-functional teams. As FlowAccount's experience demonstrates, with ALLO, the boundaries of visual collaboration are expanded, ensuring that every team member, regardless of their background, can contribute meaningfully to the collective vision.

More about FlowAccount

FlowAccount's robust product suite offers tailored solutions for diverse business needs:

  • FlowAccount: A user-friendly cloud accounting software that simplifies financial management for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, enabling them to streamline their accounting practices with ease and efficiency.
  • MobilePOS: A versatile mobile point of sale system designed specifically for retail and service businesses, providing a seamless and intuitive sales transaction experience on the go.
  • Payroll: A simple online payroll solution that allows small businesses to manage payroll processes remotely, ensuring accuracy and compliance with ease.
  • AutoKey: An innovative tool for effortless receipt management and expense tracking, coupled with online document storage, to keep financial records organized and accessible.

To learn more about FlowAccount, please visit their website at