Gain Team alignment with our weekly meetings template. What's new this week.

Gain Team alignment with our weekly meetings template. What's new this week.

Allo! This week's update has new blog posts, in-app improvements, and bug fixes for you. Here's what's new.

Weekly meetings, Onboarding, and UX Design with Allo

Blog updates from the team with a little help from our users:

Weekly meetings made easy

We at Allo have an iterative approach to working, and we know how cumbersome it can be to share various projects between different departments. With this in mind, we have made our role-neutral weekly review to have you sharing between any department or team with ease. It's as easy as sending the link to your colleagues.

Onboarding w/Allo

Developing standardized processes and workflows requires a fine balancing between having enough structure while still maintaining organizational agility.   We were contemplating this balance when onboarding our own new hires and wrote about how you can use Allo for a consistent internal onboarding experience.

Using Allo for User Experience research

While conducting our own routine user interviews we were delighted in seeing how one of our own users Emma is utilizing Allo to stay organized while conducting her User experience research.  Emma so graciously took the time to chat with our own Customer experience head Stella regarding her day-to-day and how her work has improved since adopting Allo.


  • The clickable area for arrow & shape endpoints have been made true to size for greater usability when working with multiple objects or inside of intersections.
  • A new smaller line thickness option is available between the default setting and zero, providing in our opinion a just-right option for a thin line.

Bug Fixes:

  • SVG image files were not previously displayed in canvas slide preview while expanded.
  • Locked objects were inhibiting canvas page select all, rebegin using Ctrl+A to add styling (like borders) to many objects at once.
  • Recent view canvas "opened" date-stamps were sometimes missing, now they are populated and auto-sorted for you
  • Object modification updates (red dots) were sometimes displaying the current viewers name instead of the Editor, causing confusion

Reach out to us through our support page for any suggestions or through the feedback button in-app. Let's make a dent in the universe together.

—The Allo Team