Even easier visual collaboration with effortless diagramming🏄‍♂️.

Even easier visual collaboration with effortless diagramming🏄‍♂️.

Allo! This week's updates were primarily inspired by our users. Here's what's new.

Effortless Diagramming

In recent months, we learned from clients areas of improvement regarding our shapes feature set. We heard the shapes selector was cumbersome, that users wanted some visual contrast with borders and was needed especially when using lighter colors, and lastly that users would like to retain some of their customization options when creating many shapes, like when making a diagram or flow chart.

That said, we heard you and have designed our new shape toolbar to address these concerns. The new shape selector:

  • Requires fewer clicks to create presentable and compelling diagrams, flow charts, mind maps and so much more.
  • Is compact, and significantly smaller than the previous version.
  • Allows for shape fill color, border color, and borderline options to be retained while creating shapes. Now users are able to choose the above options before creating the shape, saving time when creating multiple shapes.

Highlighting on the fly!

Highlighting on the fly, which has been requested by some of our workshop facilitators is finally here!  Now users are able to use the drawing tool to highlight anything, not just text. Select your line thickness and color in the vertical toolbar and visually note anything of importance to all canvas collaborators in real-time or asynchronously. Our highlighter paired with our improved eraser which now includes a disappearing trail, will make pointing out objects seamless.


YouTube Tutorials 🎥

Available on YouTube now are getting started videos for Workspaces, Projects, and Canvases. Made to be digestible for new colleagues, feel free to send them to your new collaborators.


Faster visual collaboration, Worldwide🌎

Now while using Allo globally, we have implemented some backend magic to automatically connect users to the nearest geographical server. For our users, this means faster downloading speeds, and even faster collaboration when sharing images, streaming videos, and documents. Providing the best responsive experience to you and your collaborators from anywhere in the world.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Implemented ultra-fast global servers for global content delivery.
  • Removed potentially inappropriate stickers and replaced them with eight of our most popular emoticons for dare we say "fun" collaboration.
  • New guest collaborator error fixed, guests were sometimes prompted with template selection menu by mistake.
  • New user seat upgrade/downgrade language to provide clarity around user seat billing.
  • Improved global canvas and text editor undo/redo reliability.
  • Fixed text box vertical alignment feature.
  • Fixed unexpected text cropping in text boxes.
  • Fixed unintended text size changes in text boxes.

Reach out to the ALLO team with any questions, through our support page. Or, in-app through the question mark button. We are happy to help and available through email and in-app chat.