Downloading & Sharing Your Work as a PDF is Quick & Easy 🚀

Downloading & Sharing Your Work as a PDF is Quick & Easy 🚀


Did you know you can share your ALLO canvas as a PDF? Simply click on the three dots next to your canvas’ name and click on the words “Export to PDF” and your Canvas will save to your device.

🚀 Faster PDF Export

Today, we're introducing an updated PDF export feature that turns your created canvas into a digital document faster and lets you share it with your team. PDF export is up to 10x faster with this update. With a few exceptions, normal canvases can now be delivered as PDF documents in less than a minute.

🔄 More Reliable PDF Export

When exporting large canvases to PDF, there were often errors or cancellations during export. Fast and reliable PDF export is now possible, even if it contains a large number of pages, large canvas capacity, and high-quality images.

📑 Lighter PDF documents

You can now receive faster, smaller PDF documents by optimizing your canvas based on the quality you choose so that the documents your download take up less space on your device or when shared with others.

⬇️ Download A PDF Directly to Your Device

In the past, our PDF download would be sent to you by email. Now, once the PDF conversion is complete, you can download it directly through the “Download PDF” button at the bottom of the screen to easily download the document directly to your device.

Improvements & Bug Fixes ✨

  • We improved a few bugs that occurred when entering text.
  • We’ve made it possible to load more Archived Canvases. Just click on “Load More” and more archived canvases will load in the event that you need to restore them.
  • We’ve added the ability to add a sub-canvas within another canvas to the ALLO mobile & tablet apps.
  • We’ve fixed a problem where coupons were not being applied when upgrading from a monthly plan to an annual plan to ensure your get the most savings possible.

Check out recent updates if you miss anything, or our handy manuals for more of detailed guides.

We can’t wait to hear about all the creative ways you use ALLO!

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear them -  just reply to this email or tell us on the support page!


—The Allo Team