🎢 Engage your audience in Allo—through Embedding!

🎢 Engage your audience in Allo—through Embedding!


Customers agree, by allowing Allo’s Canvas to be so engaging - it is more than just a document or whiteboard, it has become about creating a community.

We’ve made it easier for you to onboard new members, teach students or collaborate with your clients and teams.  Canvas engages followers with more than just documents and materials, but through class/client engagement!

There is a feature we are so excited to introduce to help create a more pleasant and engaging canvas experience.  

Let’s take a look at your ability to embed on canvas:

Embed More, Create More ✨

Canvas isn’t made of a plain text and images. Sometimes you need more, such as YouTube video, editable Google Doc or design files, you name it! Now, we support all embeddable-contents(including Allo), and it’s easy as adding a website to the canvas. Learn more

Improvements & Bug Fixes  ✨

  • You can create a sub-canvas in any canvas shared with others.
  • See your canvas more clear, with a default zoom in feature.
  • Events from the past can now be found in your calendar!
  • You can preview audio, video, MS office docs, PDF in the embedded canvas.
  • We have added guide documents in Version History and Duplicating Project features.
  • Enjoy improved styles within some canvas.

Check out recent updates if you miss anything, or our handy manuals for more of detailed guides.

We can’t wait to hear, or see, all the creative ways you design your canvases, collaborate, and help everyone become engaged!

If you have ideas of your own about functions that could improve your time with Allo’s pages, we’d love to hear from you. You continue to inspire us, and help Allo become a more fun workspace!

Our Support Page and in-app live chat are always open to any suggestions you have. We work hard to continually improve and make Allo better for our users! And that’s all we want to do. 😉


—The Allo Team