Allo Updates | December 2022

Announcing major updates to Allo! Link OKRs to Projects and Canvases, Project has a whole new look, plus more improvements to Post, Search, and Allo for mobile/tablet devices

Allo Updates | December 2022

Linking OKRs and Projects, Project Refresh, plus Post, Search, and App Improvements

The Allo team is excited to finish off 2022 by sharing some major product updates with you!

Since our last release, we’ve been listening closely to your feedback, and we are excited to share the latest updates we’ve made to help you save time, align, and engage your team!

Here is what you can expect, in case you want to skip ahead:

  • Link OKRs to related projects and canvases
  • Project and Canvas refresh
  • Post, Comments now as threads
  • Search, New filters to find what you’re looking for
  • Improvements for mobile/tablet device experience
  • Minor bug fixes

Link OKRs to Projects and Canvases

As a team manager, you know how valuable it is to clearly understand which projects are efficiently moving forward in alignment with your goals. Allo OKR makes goal setting painless for managers and takes the uncertainty out of understanding how your individual work maps to collective team success.

Clear alignment between your team members’ projects and the overall objectives of your company is crucial for building effective processes that keep your team engaged and productive.

Now in Allo, you can link projects and canvases directly to your OKRs. With this new capability, your team can see exactly how each project is contributing to collective success.

At the operational level, you can clearly identify which tasks are time-consuming or less relevant and build more efficient processes for your team. Learn how to link projects and canvases to your objectives.

Project and Canvas Refresh

Project is your one-stop shop for finding and accessing work in Allo, and gives you the ability to create and share projects with your team and external collaborators. Projects are organized into different Canvases, or collaborative whiteboards that help you plan, create, and manage information seamlessly.

We’ve updated your Project experience in Allo by giving the feature a whole new look. With an updated project selection menu, you can easily find and access the most relevant projects when you need them.

Add Project: Create new projects on the spot

With the new Add Project button, create new projects to assign to your team. Rank projects by priority to inform your overall sprint schedule or strategy - and know where to dedicate all the right resources at the right time.

Project Menu: A new way to find and work on different projects

The Project Menu has a new look. Now you can quickly sort through projects by category to find what you’re looking for. Favorite your most-visited projects and canvases for easy access, and never lose track of internal or client-facing material

Post, Comments as Threads

What’s your favorite way to use Post? Our team has a bunch of different channels that we use to share company news and announcements, share all our favorite pet photos, and chat about the latest World Cup scores. Learn more about Post.

We’ve updated comments in Post to appear as threads, making communication even easier for you and your team.This means you can easily see the conversation flow and respond directly to specific comments, rather than scrolling through long lists of replies.

Share, engage, and enjoy your conversations with your team in Allo!

Search: New Filters

Teams waste up to 9 hours a week searching for information. When you’re dealing with a lot of different projects at once, it’s easy to lose track of important notes and documents.

The Allo Search function has been moved and enhanced to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in less time. New Search Filters have been created so you can browse through different categories in Allo that include your search terms.

Mobile/Tablet: An Enhanced Experience

Sometimes you have no choice but to take work on-the-go. Or maybe you want to switch from desktop to tablet to draw out some details on canvas by hand. We’ve made major updates to Allo for mobile and tablet devices - so now you can use Allo anywhere, on any device.

Additional UI Improvements

We’ve made some additional small changes across Allo’s existing features for an updated, more intuitive user experience.

What features would you love to see from Allo? Your feedback helps us take action and bring your team the best experience possible. Click the button below to share your thoughts with us!