Become a 10x Manager, Not a Micromanager

Become a 10x Manager, Not a Micromanager
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Working remotely has thrown managers, team leaders and PM’s into the deep end. They're not failing, but it's a mess. The high-speed, often distributed and remote work environment requires constant attention. Office chit-chat is now a digital search across different apps. Not keeping up with the workstreams and latest changes  means trouble.

What caught my eye? There are simply not enough apps designed for managers and team leaders. We've got tools like Jira or Asana for projects, but not for managing people. Good management is about understanding your team, keeping them motivated, achieving goals, tackling tough initiatives, and promoting growth.

Managers need to be in the know. They need to grasp their team's work, their issues, and intervene at the right moment. Reports and meetings won't suffice. Updates are often inaccurate, and not everyone can put words to their issues. Collaboration across different teams brings its own challenges.

So, what's the answer? There’s no single silver bullet, but thankfully there are new options. The burden to understand and support teams usually falls on "good managers". But remote work has managers doing more. They spend time chasing information, estimating projects, and reporting. For small teams, like startups, it's tough. Remote work may be good for well-being, but it's draining.

Managers need to engage, support, and solve problems. But they need information to do so. Micromanaging or pestering their team is a surefire way to fail.

There's been a surge in apps making remote work easier. Meeting recorders, comprehensive documentation tools like Notion, virtual office spaces, even virtual happy hour. But despite this, companies are hiring more people to tackle management issues.

This is why we created ALLO Cockpit. It's designed for managers, team leaders and PM’s to see how their team is working, what they're working on, and how they're collaborating. No more jumping between apps. Managers can reply directly from their inbox and instantly find project, analysis, and design documents. It's built for managers, because managers can't do it all.

As a founder, I experienced these issues. I was flooded with feedback requests, @mentions, and questions from various apps. I was wasting time switching between apps and keeping up with notifications. I was losing sight of our team projects amidst the chaos.

Other managers and leaders voiced similar concerns. The need for a streamlined inbox and a central "cockpit" to manage all workstreams and communication was clear.

Based on this, we created the ALLO Unified Inbox. It smartly aggregates all your messages, mentions, and alerts into one place. It's a central hub to manage your team across all apps and communication channels. It streamlines communication and makes sure no important info gets lost.

ALLO is a tool for managers and team leaders. It brings all relevant project and team data into a unified visual dashboard. It gives managers a complete view of team and project activity. This leads to faster progress, improved tracking, rapid issue solving, better collaboration, and cost savings. Give ALLO a try today:

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The age of the 10x manager is upon us. It's time to confidently navigate remote work and master people management.