Announcing Allo for Zoom: Unlock your collaboration superpowers

Announcing Allo for Zoom: Unlock your collaboration superpowers

Here at Allo, we have been consistently working towards giving our users the seamless collaboration experience we have all been yearning for as we navigate this new era of flex-work.

You may have noticed we have been making great strides in our feature set and capabilities over the past few months; many of which were created as a direct result of our user feedback. Over time we noticed the majority of our users are concurrently using Zoom and we heard your stories surrounding the use of Allo alongside Zoom's communications; be it for workshops or large meetings and even a quick brainstorming session.

After talking with our friends at Zoom and putting our engineering team to the task, we are now deeply excited to announce that we are launching a Zoom application that can be accessed and shared live with Zoom meeting participants.  This means that Allo will be easily available during any of your Zoom meetings allowing you to utilize our canvas anytime while still documenting and storing your ideas in your Allo account.

We hope this means that you are one step closer to your next big idea and that we can save you time by providing a context-rich environment for anyone on your team to collaborate. The application will offer the same cross-functional capabilities you know and love right within your meeting, opening up new possibilities for sharing assets like videos or documents that in the past would have required downloading, extra steps, and worst of all, juggling between tools.

Please consider using the Allo app for Zoom to bring your remote workspace with you into your next Zoom meeting.

Click here to install the app into your Zoom account.

Our Best,

The Allo Team