🐻 Allo structure: workspaces, projects, and canvases

🐻 Allo structure: workspaces, projects, and canvases

Allo is structured with three levels. Workspace, projects, and canvases. Let's learn more about each in this article.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • What a workspace is and how to create new workspaces
  • What a project is, what a private project is, and how to create new projects
  • What a canvas is and how to create new canvases

🏛 The Workspace

The workspace is the highest level of the structure in Allo. Imagine it being your online office and where everyone on the team can get together. Invite internal collaborators into the workspace so you can work on projects together easily. All the workspace members have full access to everything except for private projects in the workspace.

Create New Workspaces

You can create as many workspaces as needed. To do so, click the arrow icon next to the workspace name towards the top left. Enter a name, and finally select how many people you're planning on using this particular workspace with. Each workspace is completely separated. Workspace members, projects, canvases will not be shared between them unless you do so intentionally.

📂 The Project

A workspace contains multiple projects. Projects are like folders that can organize all the documents you have inside the workspace. All the project members have full access to everything inside that project.

There are two kinds of projects. One is regular projects and the other one is private projects. For regular projects, once you created, they are automatically shared with all the internal members you invited into that workspace.

For private projects, when they are created, only you are able to see them. You are still able to invite collaborators but it must be done consciously by you. We designed private projects for sensitive materials like corporate strategy, mergers, compensation, etc. All data is encrypted so, your secrets are safe with us.

Create New Projects

Like workspaces, you can also create as many projects and private projects as needed. First, click the "+" icon next to either "Projects" or "Private Projects" (depending on what you want to create). Next, give the project a name, select the default project view, and click create.

🖼 The Canvas

A project contains multiple canvases. Canvas is the lowest level of the structure in Allo. Each white card you see inside the project is a canvas. Almost everything can be dragged and dropped into a canvas. Use the Allo canvases to communicate with others more efficiently with free-form visuals.

Create New Canvases

You can also create as many canvases as needed. Here are the general steps to follow when creating a new canvas:

  • Click the "Add canvas" button
  • Enter a canvas title and click "Create" or hit enter (return) on the keyboard.
  • When first entering the canvas, you will be asked to choose a template, either blank or designed. Select one that best fits your needs.

When the project is under the kanban view, an "Add canvas" button is located under each section name. When the project is under the calendar view, the “Add canvas” button will appear when you hover on the date. When the project is under the list view, the "+" icon (add canvas button) is located towards the top left corner (under the filtering feature) and at the bottom of each section.