Allo can be the only tool you need

Allo can be the only tool you need
“Allo brings many of our tools together. It combines the advantages of Trello, Miro, and PowerPoint. It really improves our workflow and makes our lives less complicated." - Sven Retoré

Sven is one of the partners and facilitators of Visuality, a company that makes complex concepts into easily understandable explanations using visuals. They use visual aids in their infographics, videos, and explainer videos . Visuality hosts training on visual thinking or facilitation of the design process with the core value of making positive changes.

Sven collaborates with both internal team members and external clients. He constantly found himself using many different isolated tools to complete just a singular project. His team used Trello to manage their projects and tasks but had to move to other collaboration tools like Slack or Miro to discuss and plan their projects. Without a connection between these tools, the projects and collaboration became more complicated than they should have been.

Sven sought out a solution for his team that combined all the tools he and his team needed onto one platform while remaining easy to use for clients and team members of different backgrounds and technology experience. He loved that Allo offered a variety of basic features from different tools and brought his team together without much training. Allo became the tool the Visuality team used from start to finish on projects, and Sven said, “Allo makes our lives and our clients’ lives less complicated.”

Allo: The best asynchronous collaboration space for your team

The collaboration includes two aspects: real-time collaboration and asynchronous collaborations. While other tools help real-time remote collaboration, Sven sees Allo as one of the few tools that actually leverage and benefit the asynchronous collaboration with internal team members and clients.

For Visuality, Allo is the back-stage of the team. They use the platform to prepare for their client meetings in areas such as researching, planning, discussing, brainstorming, and feedback exchange. These areas are separated into different projects. The team has a project called “Innovation” which allows them to drop in ideas whenever they find something interesting. Another project is called “Continuous Improvements” which centers around planning and tracking improvements. Some private projects feature client collaboration. Depending on the purpose of the project, a different project view is selected to best fit the use case. The Visuality team uses the Kanban view for projects that require project management and use the calendar view for their planning project.

No more linear discussions, and say goodbye to the text threads

The Visuality team previously used Slack for all sorts of communication and note-taking. While Slack is useful for them when doing non-project related communication, they found the text threads sometimes difficult to read when doing project-based discussion, as team members were constantly sending images and notes while replying back and forth; however, Allo allowed them to easily add images or other visual elements by dragging and dropping them to the canvas and add comments or annotations at specific reference points. This helped everyone on the board quickly see what’s being discussed.

From project management to execution, everything is now all in one place

The biggest problem area for the Visuality team was using many different tools in one workflow without any connections between them. After trying out Allo, the team found their preferred tool to help them complete their projects.

“Allo has totally replaced Trello for us,” says Sven. Allo has the advantages of Trello plus the visual collaboration aspect. His team now uses Allo for their project management and planning and their project collaboration and documentation repository, such as ideation, presenting, gathering feedback, and discussion. There is no more jumping back and forth between many tools during work. Everything is simply now all done and stored in one place.

Sven believes “it would have been a lot more difficult without Allo because we would need a lot more tools.” When asked what the biggest advantage of Allo was for the Visuality team, Sven immediately said the platform provides an all-in-one solution that makes their clients’ and their team members’ lives significantly easier. “Allo brings many of our tools together. It combines the advantages of Trello, Miro, and PowerPoint. It really improves our workflow and makes our lives less complicated.”