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Bring cohesion

to your distributed team

Get everyone on the same page – literally – with the all-in-one remote workspace that makes hybrid work more collaborative, more fun, and more fair. 

The all-in-one workspace
for remote and hybrid work

Allo World combines digital whiteboards, project management, goal setting, and team analytics so distributed teams can unite to get more done.

Run better meetings

Allo Canvas makes remote collaboration visual and fun with whiteboards that help you effortlessly structure discussion, drive engagement, and solicit real-time feedback.

  • Engaging visual collaboration asynchronously or in real-time.
  • Record everything in a canvas — text, photos, video, discussions, more.
  • Integrates with your favorite collaboration tools like Zoom, Figma, and Jira.

Bring people together

Allo Pages highlight what makes each of your people unique, while fostering teamwork and transparency across roles.

  • Help teammates best connect with analytics and insight into working styles.
  • See who’s working on what—and how you can help.
  • Recognize individual excellence with customizable awards and achievements.

Crush your goals

Allo OKR makes team and company goal setting dead simple, with a flexible structure that fits nearly any workflow and simple updates that take the pain out of progress tracking.

  • Set ambitious objectives and track your progress with measurable key results.
  • Align incentives across teams and recognize diverse contributions.
  • Make progress visible and tasks actionable.

Celebrate success

Allo Dashboard gives everyone an instant, up-to-date snapshot of collaboration and performance, with clever social features that help incentivize teamwork and engagement.

  • Customizable leaderboards and achievements help recognize every contribution.
  • Real-time insight into what’s happening across the company.
  • Help teammates feel more connected no matter where they are.

"Allo brings many of our tools together. It combines the advantages of Trello, Miro, and PowerPoint. It really improves our workflow and makes our lives less complicated."

Sven Retore

Partner @Visualty

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74% of users say the core value of Allo is engagement. Our mission is to empower team motivation, creativity, and engagement no matter where you work or who you work with - One Team, One Goal.

Built for Your Business

Enterprises & Start-Ups

Leave your competition behind with best-of-breed online collaboration tools and a streamlined dashboard that empowers teams with full visibility over their workflows.

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Educators & Students

Offer students cutting-edge learning experiences that drive engagement and enhance course content by combining all educational channels.

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Clients & Consultants

Share effortless project updates with clients and consultants, receive instant feedback, and drive collaboration by keeping everyone in-the-know.

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