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ALLO OKR is the easiest way to share company goals from big picture to small details. It helps align everyone's goals and key measures from the top of the organization to the bottom.
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Why OKRs?

The Objective and Key Results (OKR) model is a method to define company goals and priorities. Its five main benefits are focus, alignment, commitment, tracking, and stretching — termed as "the five superpowers" by John Doerr.

Top companies such as Adobe, Google, and Netflix have effectively used OKRs to drive company and team success. The OKR model boosts employee engagement and clarifies top priorities – from the individual all the way to the entire company.


Successfully implementing OKRs way is hard. Objectives and Key results can be vague, hard to measure, and disconnected from the people and teams accountable for them.

ALLO has streamlined the OKR process, making it straightforward, engaging, and easily comprehensible for everyone involved.
Allo has streamlined the OKR process, making it straightforward, engaging, and easily comprehensible for everyone involved.
Visually appealing OKRs
Using spreadsheets for OKRs is unwieldy, producing silo docs that are disconnected from team members.. ALLO OKR, with its visual appeal and interactivity, offers a far more engaging and intuitive way to share & view goals across teams.
Simply connect all workflow into OKR
Key goals shouldn't be detached from projects and docs. Link them to all relevant projects, files, and data. ALLO OKR allows for seamless navigation and reduces the need to switch between tools: everything is interconnected, so OKRs map directly to key resources.
When OKR meets Whiteboard
Implementing OKRs isn't about imposing top-down company directives. It's about deep collaboration. ALLO offers a real-time online whiteboard to enhance collaboration and creative work. You can easily link this whiteboard to OKRs, making the process engaging and fun for team members.
Holistic view for company and goals
With the OKR dashboard and activity views, everyone can monitor OKR progress and history at a glance, eliminating the need for endless meetings and chatter. It offers a clearview for everyone – including all connected data, files and resources.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Your company goal tracking & management will be dramatically improved in 30 days.
Better employee engagement & alignment
Improved transparency across goals, projects and teams
Clearer understanding of the key priorities

ALLO is going ahead of state-of-the-art in OKRs, whereas the others are way behind. It's engaging, and easy for everyone to use. It doesn't mess up, no one is intimidated.

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